Civil Engineering


Civil Design

Civil or Geometric Design engineers are responsible for designing the horizontal and vertical alignments for transportation improvements based on the existing topography, location of existing structures, proximity of environmentally and culturally sensitive areas as determined during the planning process, traffic volumes, and safety.


In the transportation field, Structural Engineers are responsible for providing passages such as bridges and tunnels that move people safely and quickly between their destinations.


Traffic Engineers are the people who identify the need for roadway improvements, evaluate feasible alternatives for safer and efficient operation, and maintain the roadways to provide better mobility.


Environmental specialists present the environmental impacts associated with transportation projects and how these impacts are compensated through environmental enhancements and mitigation.

Project Planning

Project planning is the process of establishing the scope and defining the objectives and steps to obtain them. 

They also ensure that impacts to environmental resources are avoided, minimized or mitigated and that these impacts are balanced with project needs, and project decisions are made in the best overall public interest. 


Geotechnical engineers think below the pavement to explore and analyze the native soils and rock on the project site. 

They assure the quality of the materials used are designed, produced and placed to meet the system preservation, safety and environmental needs of the communities. 


Land surveyors are experts in taking field measurements, and use these measurements in the office to: produce topographic maps, establish property lines, compute the position of the proposed improvements, and then, perform field stake-outs for the proposed improvements.


Hydraulic or Water Resource engineers design practices for storm water and natural resources, to minimize the impacts of development.


Landscape Architecture 

Provide innovative, context sensitive design solutions for roadway projects that promote environmental stewardship and improve appearance, functionality, and safety.

Did you Know?

You can watch live footage from highway cameras throughout Maryland.